The Evolution of Rock Bands and the Indian Rock Band

Rock bands are very popular all throughout the world. From the western countries, there are many popular bands who even travel to other countries to have concerts. The style of rock music began to improve since the development of digital technology. Since then, the rock music improved as time goes by and the style became modernized. Technology made a great improvement in the world of music.

The traditional Indian music is a good music that shows the culture of India. Later, this music started to change into a modern style. Indie rock also appeared and many Indian musicians became popular. Their songs  are also  being acknowledged by foreign listeners. The listeners taste for music also changed.

Smooth rock were changed to hard rock. And more rock styles appeared such as progressive rock, death metal, and alternative metal. Indie Rock  bands that were formed in the 1980’s changed their style into a much harder rock music.

1980’s to 1990’s

  • Rock Machine – This Indian rock band is now known as Indus Creed. Their songs are really hard rock such as Rock n Roll Renegade, Thief, The Money, and Prisoner of Passion. The genre of their music are alternative and Indie rock.
  • Pune and Bands – This is now known as Easy Meat. Their performance is really hard rock.

2000 to Present

From this time, it is expected that Indian rock music will be recognized by other foreign listeners. Indian rock bands are continually being promoted in the music industry. Actually, many foreign listeners are now acknowledging their music.