The Journey to Indian Music Festival

Music festival is very popular all over the world. Tourists want to explore every tourist destination including special events like music festival. Music bands held concerts in different places. Music festival is a good way for music bands and music listeners to have a journey and explore the world of music. India Music may be quite unfamiliar to some of you. In this article, you can have an idea about the music of India. Traditional and classical or folk music is popular in India. Also, you can hear music from other countries if you join music festivals.


Mahindra Blues Festival

This music festival which is beingĀ  held every year brings fun and excitement to the audiences. Many famous performers will show their talents especially in music.

Magnetic Fields Festival

It is all about music with fun! This festival shows the magnificent and creative Indian community. You can also see many famous artists including famous musicians in India.

Ragasthan Festival

This is a very interesting and exciting music festival. Do you know why? It is because you can experience a music festival in the desert! Different genres of music are being played during this festival.

Storm Festival

This is a great music celebration. All travelers especially the music lovers will surely enjoy this event. Audiences will hear of different music genres from different music artists. Interesting!

Fireflies Festival

Joining this festival would be a great experience. If you are truly a music lover, you will join this music festival even at dawn. Have fun!