Factors that Affect the Beauty of Music

What are the factors that affects music? There are different ways to classify why music is good to hear.


When there is harmony of sound, music is good and that it can move the heart of people. In case when people are singing, there should be one voice heard although many are singing. Even if the sound of instrument is good if the voice is not harmonious, there will be no good output.

Theme or message of the song

Whether it is instrumental or not, there should be a message of the song. Even melody has meanings with the instrumental sounds. The reason why this is important is that the message of the song touches the heart of audience.


In terms of the use of instruments, band is the best because this contains many kinds of instruments like violin, drums, piano, guitar, flute, and many more that the band can hear. It is very natural for men to think of how each and every player handles their rule.


The tone is a very important factor because the tone, in any language can move heart. By just listening to the melody, we can say what the tone is. For example, a sad song, happy song or any tone that can reveal the secret of the song.

Good voice

Of course, this should never be neglected. In any case, people always appreciates the singers voice and the singer plays the most important role. NO matter what happens, the singer should know the twists of the performance.