The Innaway Band

This band was formed in the United States , specifically in Orange County, California. It is natural for a music band to release their own music album. So, Innaway¬†¬†also had successfully released an album. Some of their albums were “Innaway”, “Innaway 2”, and “The Ghost Admirers”. The genre of their music are psychedelic rock, neo-psychedelia, shoegazing, and Indie rock. The genre of their music is quite unique because we commonly hear of pop rock, jazz rock and instrumental rock.

To understand better about the music of the Innaway band, let us know about the genre or style of their music.

Psychedelic Rock

This music style is said to be a representative of psychedelic culture. Actually, there are different style of psychedelic rock. This music was influenced by the use of a psychedelic drug that has an effect of hallucination and alters the way a person perceives a thing. The user of this drug may benefit from it since it is actually safe. Listening to this music, you can really think that the vocalist is under the influence of drugs.

Neo-psychedelic Rock

This is an upgraded style of the psychedelic rock. The psychedelic rock produces an unusual sound due to the effect of psychedelic drugs. This music style is quite different from that of the psychedelic rock because of the new techniques and sounds made.


This is a sub-genre of neo-psychedelic rock. The performers usually look down at their feet while having a concert to show that they ridicule the stage performers who are hallucinating. This is why this style is known as shoegazing.